28-Day Health & Wellbeing Accelerator


Provide your employees with a toolkit of actionable steps to take to help manage and protect their mental health and wellbeing.

The TUTS Approach

We value engaging, interactive training that really does deliver results. It's why we carefully select our trainers, testers and NVQ assessors not only for their experience but also for their friendly approach and conscientious attitude. Together this means your team will enjoy the best training for a better future.

Who’s it for?

We offer our 28-Day Mental Health & Wellbeing courses online for businesses who want to take steps to improve the mental health of their employees at work and at home.


Benefits of protecting mental health

Taking an active role in protecting your own mental health ensures you’re at a reduced risk of developing mental illness. It also puts you in a position to be able to offer support and tools to others who are looking to improve their own mental health.

Protecting your mental health will:

  • Improve your mood
  • Allow for clearer thinking
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve relationships
  • Reduce the risk of depression and anxiety

Managing mental health in the workplace

Starting the conversation about mental health in the workplace is the best place to start in mental health management. Encouraging employees to start talking will help to reduce the stigma and support change.

The best way to go about instigating a mass shift in mental wellbeing and a decline in mental illness is to provide employees with tips and tools which they can deploy in their everyday life to help manage their mental health. Supporting the use of these tools in the workplace will also aid in their effectiveness.

Course content

The following outlines what will be covered during the online mental health and wellbeing course:

  • Week 1: Building Solid Foundations
    During this education Call, we will establish and create a clear concise action plan for you which will cover daily habits, individualised nutritional framework and weekly workout expectations in order to help you achieve the results you want. You’ll leave knowing what to do when to do it, how to do it and what to expect as an outcome of doing so.
  • Week 2: Optimising Training and Nutrition
    Now we’ve built some solid foundations which have been embedded over the past 7 days, we’ll dive deeper into your training specifics and individual nutritional requirements to accelerate your progress.
  • Week 3: Sleep and Stress Management for Optimal Performance
    Most individuals overlook these two vital components when it comes to their overall health & wellbeing; not to mention their performance. Creating healthy sleep routines and a hygienic environment which are conducive to optimal sleep patterns, minimal stress exposure and how you manage that stress, when you become exposed, is critical for long-term results.
  • Week 4: Accelerating Progress for Sustainable Results
    Now you have created and followed a sound frame workout for the past 3 weeks, it is now time to accelerate your progress moving forward. As we reflect back on your progress to date we’ll set clear and specific goals for the upcoming month to keep motivation high and overwhelm low.


  • This programme is delivered remotely online


  • 4 Weeks (1 hour training per week, 4 hours total training time)


  • £1295 + VAT for up to 20 delegates

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Our team of friendly advisors are ready and waiting to help find the right course for you.

Book a Course


Our team of friendly advisors are ready and waiting to help find the right course for you.