NVQ offering for CPCS & CSCS Cards


Secure your NVQ from Level 2 all the way to Level 7. With On-Site Assessment & Training, you can speed up your journey to completion while on the job.

Plant VQ

Trade VQ

Plant Operations

The TUTS approach

We're always conscious about quality when it comes to our training. It's why we provide high-quality, up to date machinery for your team to practice on. It's why we host our training in excellent facilities, whether that's at our flagship training centre in Corby or at one of the many sites we use across the UK. 

We value engaging, interactive training that really does deliver results. It's why we carefully select our trainers, testers and NVQ assessors not only for their experience but also for their friendly approach and conscientious attitude. Together this means your team will enjoy the best training for a better future.

On-Site Assessment & Training (OSAT)

On-Site Assessment & Training is perfect for anyone working in the construction industry who needs to get a CSCS or CPCS card. It is ideal for those individuals who want to avoid downtime and have limited experience. It is delivered over 2-3 site visits and is led by the assessor who guides the candidate through each part of the process.

Types of card available

TUTS offer a huge number of Level 2 to Level 7 Construction based qualifications across the UK, from General Construction Operations right through to Senior Construction Management


What is the difference between a CSCS & CPCS NVQ?

A Plant NVQ relates to the plant categories. CPCS Red Card holders can convert that Red card to a CPCS Blue Card via the NVQ.

The CSCS NVQ is a trade or skilled worker Blue Card e.g. Wood occupations/Roofing occupations.

How long does a level 2 NVQ take to complete?

The NVQ level 2 can be completed in 2 site visits.

What card do I get?

Level 2 Blue Card

Level 3 & 4 Gold Card with the exception of A62 = Blue Card

Level 6 Black Card

Do I need experience?

You do not need any experience to begin a NVQ. You will need to gain experience and demonstrate knowledge & understanding prior to the completion of the NVQ.

Is an NVQ done on site or at the test centre?

Profile and Induction can and may be delivered at TUTS GROUP. The practical elements of the NVQ must be carried out on a live working site. Simulated work is not allowed.

Do I need a valid CSCS card? Which one?

You do not need to have a CSCS test to begin or complete your NVQ. You will, however, be unable to apply for any related CSCS or CPCS card.

Is there funding?

TUTS Group only delivers the highest quality of training and service, therefore we do not access funding for NVQ categories. TUTS Group will work with you to apply for the CITB skills training fund grant, up to £10K.

Is it possible to fail an NVQ?


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Our team of friendly advisors are ready and waiting to help find the right course for you.