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If I am a Supervisor, can I carry out the work of an operative?

No, the supervisor units and the operative units are different and specific to operative and supervisory duties.

Can I take the course in less than 5 days?

Although some providers may offer a reduced duration course. TUTS Group guarantee the highest quality of training and candidate support, therefore our NRSW course is the full 5-days.

The 5 day course is for experienced candidates. If the candidate is a complete novice, we offer an 8 day training course that covers all training elements also. 

I believe there’s been a change to the scheme (April 2020) – does this affect me?

Yes, if you have no knowledge or prior experience within the role, or are not familiar with the new specification, then we would strongly recommend that you attend the longer duration course.

Can you deliver the training on my site?

NRSW must be delivered at an approved training location, which has been certified by the awarding body. It is possible to organise this for your site but may take a long time to arrange and be cost-inefficient.

Do I need a valid CSCS card?

No you do not need a CSCS card to qualify NRSW units.

What units do you deliver?

Units 1-6 & 9 for Operatives and Units 1, 10-14 & 16 for Supervisors as standard. Units 7 & 15 are also available upon request.

Does NRSW qualify me to work on the Motorway?

No, NRSW is a qualification for working on public highways up to A-Road classification, dual carriageway with a cap at 60mph.

What is the renewal period/Grace period?

5 years from the point of expiry. Your card will expire after 5 years, you will then be able to renew your card (by attending the reassessment course) within 5 years.

Do I need to have experience?

In order to attend our 5-day course you should have at least 6 months of experience working on or around the public highway.

How long does it take for me to receive my card after the course?

We internally verify all paperwork within 72hrs of course completion and request your certificates & cards at this time. Most certificates and cards are received within 4-6 weeks (depending on any delays with the awarding body).

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What is the validity of the certificate?

Your certificate is valid for 5 years

What happens when my certificate expires?

You can complete the relevant Refresher Course:

SMSTS – 2 day renewal

SSSTS 1 day renewal

Click here for course dates

Is there a grace period after my certificate expires?

There is not a grace period available, in order to complete a refresher course you must enrol on a course prior to the certificate expiry date.

Can I complete the course online?

No, however, you can complete the course via an online meeting platform, for example, Zoom or Teams.

Click here for course dates.

Do I receive a CSCS card upon successful completion?

No, you do not receive a card on completion.


Can I renew my Red Card?

Under scheme rules, the CPCS Red card is non-renewable. CPCS will allow an extension upon registration of the NVQ Level 2. Subject to scheme rules.

Blue/Red Card Grace Period/renewal

CPCS Red Card should be progressed to CPCS Blue card within 2 years of qualification, via the OSAT NVQ route.

The CPCS Blue Card is valid for 5 years and can be renewed in accordance with scheme rules.


Which CSCS test do I need?

CPCS Plant operators categories, require you to have passed the CSCS HSE test within 2 years.

CPCS category A62 Crane supervisor requires a CSCS SPVR test passed within 2 years

CPCS category A61 Appointed Person, requires a CSCS MAP test passed within 2 years

How do I claim a grant?

If your organisation are CITB Levy contributors then TUTS Group will hold your hand through the grant claim process. Be sure to speak to our training team prior to booking.

If you are unsure, please contact us today.

Can CPCS be delivered at my site / off centre categories?

Click here to list On & Off centre categories.

Is CPCS the right option for me?

CPCS is the most recognised accreditation for plant operations within the construction industry. Other accreditations which are also recognised within the industry are available from TUTS Group:





If you operate plant outside of the construction industry, then speak to our training team to confirm the correct accreditation for you.

Do I need a DVLA Driving Licence?

You only need a DVLA Driving licence to operate vehicles on the public highway.

How quickly will I receive my card?

Your card is automatically applied for as part of our ‘results processing’ procedure. Most cards are received within 1 – 2 weeks (depending on any delays with the Awarding Organisation).

I will need evidence of passing my test immediately for a new site I am working at. What can I do?

We will issue you with a pass letter (upon achieving the standard) which will be accepted on site until your card is received.

Category Specific Questions

A58/A59 difference

A58 will qualify you to operate an Excavator below 10-ton capacity.

A59 will qualify you to operate an excavator of all sizes.

Both categories will have an endorsement signified by an A or B. A means tracked, B means wheeled.

A40 endorsements

A = All Duties

B = Static Duties

C = Knuckle Boom – Static Duties Only

D = Excavator only

A17c & A77 difference

A17c allows you to operate a standard Telehandler of any size, with forks or attachments.

A77 is the category for the 360 slew or roto telehandler.

Which Level NVQ for which categories

Level 2 Plant Operations

Level 4 Crane Supervisor A62

Level 5 Appointed Person (AP) A61


What is the difference between a CSCS & CPCS NVQ?

A Plant NVQ relates to the plant categories. CPCS Red Card holders can convert that Red card to a CPCS Blue Card via the NVQ.

The CSCS NVQ is a trade or skilled worker Blue Card e.g. Wood occupations/Roofing occupations.

How long does a level 2 NVQ take to complete?

The NVQ level 2 can be completed in 2 site visits.

What card do I get?

Level 2 Blue Card

Level 3 & 4 Gold Card with the exception of A62 = Blue Card

Level 6 Black Card

Do I need experience?

You do not need any experience to begin a NVQ. You will need to gain experience and demonstrate knowledge & understanding prior to the completion of the NVQ.

Is an NVQ done on site or at the test centre?

Profile and Induction can and may be delivered at TUTS GROUP. The practical elements of the NVQ must be carried out on a live working site. Simulated work is not allowed.

Do I need a valid CSCS card? Which one?

You do not need to have a CSCS test to begin or complete your NVQ. You will, however, be unable to apply for any related CSCS or CPCS card.

Is there funding?

TUTS Group only delivers the highest quality of training and service, therefore we do not access funding for NVQ categories. TUTS Group will work with you to apply for the CITB skills training fund grant, up to £10K.

Is it possible to fail an NVQ?




What is an Approved Training Organisation?

A CITB Approved Training Organisation - or ATO - is an organisation which provides construction training courses and qualifications to a defined and industry-agreed training standard.

Can I undertake training and testing at the weekend?

Yes, we operate 7 days a week – by prior agreement only.

Do you deliver training at night?

Yes, depending on the course required. We have accommodated many clients over the years when working nightshifts.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, if you are a Pro-forma client, we can arrange for you to pay in instalments. All monies must be received prior to course delivery.


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Our team of friendly advisors are ready and waiting to help find the right course for you.