Plant Operator Training


Get accredited with one of the UK’s most recognised carding schemes — NPORS or CPCS — and easily upgrade or renew your cards with our NVQ assessments.

Plant Operations

Plant Operations

The TUTS approach

When it comes to our construction plant training, TUTS is a specialist provider of the two most recognised carding schemes in the industry - NPORS ‘National Plant Operators Registration Scheme’ & CPCS ‘Construction Plant Competence Scheme’.

We’re also able to offer NVQ Assessments for our full plant offering, allowing candidates to upgrade/renew their cards as required.

CPCS vs NPORS - consider your options

Recognised by the HSE as evidence of “competence”

Allows access to all major contractor sites in the UK

Achievement grant available

All categories delivered on site

CITB HS&E test required

Relevant NVQ in plant operations required


Can I renew my Red Card?

Under scheme rules, the CPCS Red card is non-renewable. CPCS will allow an extension upon registration of the NVQ Level 2. Subject to scheme rules.

Blue/Red Card Grace Period/renewal

CPCS Red Card should be progressed to CPCS Blue card within 2 years of qualification, via the OSAT NVQ route.

The CPCS Blue Card is valid for 5 years and can be renewed in accordance with scheme rules.


Which CSCS test do I need?

CPCS Plant operators categories, require you to have passed the CSCS HSE test within 2 years.

CPCS category A62 Crane supervisor requires a CSCS SPVR test passed within 2 years

CPCS category A61 Appointed Person, requires a CSCS MAP test passed within 2 years

How do I claim a grant?

If your organisation are CITB Levy contributors then TUTS Group will hold your hand through the grant claim process. Be sure to speak to our training team prior to booking.

If you are unsure, please contact us today.

Can CPCS be delivered at my site / off centre categories?

Click here to list On & Off centre categories.

Is CPCS the right option for me?

CPCS is the most recognised accreditation for plant operations within the construction industry. Other accreditations which are also recognised within the industry are available from TUTS Group:





If you operate plant outside of the construction industry, then speak to our training team to confirm the correct accreditation for you.

Do I need a DVLA Driving Licence?

You only need a DVLA Driving licence to operate vehicles on the public highway.

How quickly will I receive my card?

Your card is automatically applied for as part of our ‘results processing’ procedure. Most cards are received within 1 – 2 weeks (depending on any delays with the Awarding Organisation).

I will need evidence of passing my test immediately for a new site I am working at. What can I do?

We will issue you with a pass letter (upon achieving the standard) which will be accepted on site until your card is received.


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Our team of friendly advisors are ready and waiting to help find the right course for you.

Book a Course


Our team of friendly advisors are ready and waiting to help find the right course for you.