How to Become a Construction Labourer


Looking for a change in career, want to try something new? Perhaps starting work as a Construction Labourer is something that appeals to you. Our Construction training courses are a great starting point for someone interested in becoming a Construction Labourer.

What is a Construction Labourer?

A Construction Labourer is a great entry-level position that can help you start your career in the Construction industry. You will need to earn qualifications to be able to get into this role, but once you have the necessary qualifications to start out, you’ll be able to continue learning new skills and progress through the industry.

If you’re looking for a change from a 9 to 5, then this might be right for you. Construction Labourers have an amazing variety of work, which keeps work interesting but also allows for the discovery of areas of particular interest.

construction labourers site

This position is all about getting your hands dirty. As a minimum, you’ll be clearing sites or unloading materials for construction projects! As you can imagine this kind of physical work requires a certain level of fitness to keep up with the tasks at hand.

Starting Out in the Construction Industry

If you are just starting out in the Construction industry, you will need to obtain a valid CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme) card. Without this, most construction sites won’t permit workers to enter. To gain a CSCS Site Labourer card, there are 2 courses you would need to complete.

Site Safety Plus

As someone starting out in the Construction industry, taking a Site Safety Plus course is a great way to prepare you for work on a building site. Building sites come with all kinds of health and safety hazards which can be very dangerous if safety guidelines aren’t adhered to.

Booking yourself onto a Site Safety Plus course will ensure you are well prepared and have a thorough understanding of working safely on site, accident prevention, risk assessments and reporting unsafe situations.

construction risk assessment

The best option would be our CITB HAS (Health and Safety Awareness) Course, which is now a mandatory requirement when you are looking to gain your Green ‘Labourer’ CSCS card, this course is 1 day in duration. You will also need to achieve the CITB HS&E (Health, Safety and Environment) test which is a 45-minute test to ensure you have the knowledge to safely work on site.

Once you have passed these and gained your CSCS Site Labourer card, you will be ready to start your journey in the Construction Industry.

Once you have gained experience working on-site, you can then begin to progress your expertise by completing an NVQ in specific trades, eg Bricklaying, Construction Operations, Carpentry, etc. We have many NVQ courses available for delegates to achieve CSCS accreditation status. If you need some assistance deciding which course will be best for you, contact a member of our team who will be more than happy to help you make that decision.

You’ll then want to consider other construction training courses which would be beneficial for your professional development.

First Aid Training

Being trained as a first aider adds value to you as an employee, no matter what sector you’re working in. With the additional risks involved in construction, being a first aider is even more valuable.

Taking a course like our Basic Emergency First Aid course will set you up to be able to provide treatment to any workplace casualties in a prompt, safe and effective manner. You’ll learn how to deal with emergencies such as burns, choking, minor injuries, epilepsy, bleeding, and shock.

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Already a Construction Labourer & Looking to Progress?

If you’re already working as a construction labourer and are wanting to work your way up the career ladder, then you are also in the right place. Depending on the route you’d like to take, we have a huge variety of courses for you to start to tailor your career in a direction that is right for you.

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