How To Get Into A Career In Construction


Are you thinking about beginning a career in construction? There are many reasons why a career in construction is a great choice. Construction workers are in high demand and keenly sought after. Moreover, there are many different industry paths you can take. From bricklaying to crane driving, there will definitely be an area that suits you and your skill set. This short guide explains how, why, when and where you can begin your career (as well as what that career might consist of).

1. What (what is a construction career?)

A career in construction can mean many things. In short, someone who works in a construction-related discipline may be an architect, a bricklayer, a building technician, a carpenter or a crane operator. That’s what makes the construction industry so advantageous. It has much to offer and several opportunities for career advancement and refinement. 

Discover the wide range of construction-related jobs on the National Careers Service website here

Construction workers

2. Why (should you get into a construction career?)

Firstly, the construction industry offers good pay. Construction workers are well-compensated for their skills and experience. Most technical roles begin on a salary of £25,000 a year. Experienced workers can earn more than £50,0000. 

Secondly, construction careers offer a lot of variety and opportunities for advancement. You can specialise in a particular trade or area, or you can move up into management or ownership roles.

Thirdly, you are guaranteed job security as the construction industry is always growing and there is always a need for qualified workers.

Construction careers are incredibly rewarding, both financially and personally. Seeing a project through from start to finish, or being a part of something that makes people’s lives better, is very satisfying. So if you’re looking for a career with plenty of opportunities, job security and personal satisfaction, construction could be the right choice for you.

When (is the right time to begin a construction career?)

Because there are several ways to get into construction, as well as many differing career roles and required skills, age is not a limitation. 

Whether you’re looking for an active job or one that is office-based, there is always something that will suit your preferences and skill sets. 

Construction workers holding a blueprint

How (do you get into a construction career?)

Simply put, there is no ‘standard’ route into construction. 

However, the three main ways that people begin a construction career are: 

  1. Registering for an apprenticeship.
  2. Finding a placement and learning on the job. 
  3. Enrolling for post-secondary training at a college or construction institute, like TUTSs. 

Check out our training courses with this link and scan the variety of opportunities that are available. Here at TUTS, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality equipment, facilities and teaching. Our fully accredited trainers, testers and NVQ assessors are experienced in delivering construction training to the highest standards. With a wide range of courses on offer, we’re sure to have the construction training you need. 

Also, check out our last blog post on How to Choose a Construction Training Provider for more details. 

Where (can you find a construction course?)

No matter where you’re located in the United Kingdom, TUTS can provide the construction training you need. We have over 80 fully accredited trainers, testers, and NVQ assessors who are always available to deliver high-quality training. Plus, we’re confident that we can provide the training you need on time and on budget. So, if you’re in need of construction training, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help. 

More Frequent Queries

What Experience Do I Need To Get Into Construction?

None! Many construction firms offer on-the-job training, so opportunities to gain experience, whilst working in a professional setting, are numerous. Check out this career explorer link to find a job that would suit the experience you may or may not already have. 

What Skills Are Needed/Desirable?

It is always a good idea to look at the natural skills that you already have and choose your career around them. For example, are you good with your hands? If so, a more active role might suit you, like being a bricklayer or crane operator. Are you organised and good at self-management? Then perhaps a career as a building surveyor would suit you. 

If you see yourself as good at communication, problem solving, teamwork and/or self-belief, a career in construction will definitely help you exercise and refine these skills even more. 

Man working in Construction in an office

What’s Left?

Are you interested in a construction career? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members here. We’ll be more than happy to help you figure out the best way to get started. No matter what experience or qualifications you have, we can help you find the construction training that’s right for you. We know the construction industry inside out, saving you a lot of time, money and stress by pointing you in the right direction.