Let’s Start Talking: Men’s Health Week 2022


Men’s Health Week is a time to raise awareness about the health issues that men face. This includes issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. The weeklong event provides an opportunity for men to get screened for these conditions and to learn more about how to stay healthy. It is also a time for loved ones to show their support for the men in their lives.

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Although it is important to take care of our health all year round, Men’s Health Week is a reminder that we all need to pay attention to our personal wellbeing. Let’s use this week as an opportunity to break down the barriers that stop us from talking about our health and start making positive changes that will last a lifetime.

This Men’s Health Week, on 13th June 2022, TUTS are excited to be hosting a free event which aims to bring more focus on mental wellbeing in the workplace. We will be welcoming representatives from businesses to come and listen to our talks from experts, open their minds to training opportunities and start an open conversation about mental health. Attendees will leave equipped with tools to start encouraging positive change in their workplace.  You can find out more about our event and book your place here.

Men’s health is an important topic that often gets overlooked. One of the biggest challenges is simply getting men to take their health seriously and see a doctor on a regular basis. Too often, men delay seeking medical attention until they are in pain or have a serious condition. This can lead to problems getting diagnosed and treated early when they are most easily treatable.

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Another challenge facing men’s health is the stigma around mental health issues. Too often, men feel like they need to tough it out and not show any weakness. This can prevent them from seeking help for depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. The good news is that there are things we can do to help address these challenges. Education is key: we need to let men know that it’s okay to take care of their health and seek medical help when needed. We also need to provide support for those who are struggling with mental health issues. By addressing these challenges head-on, we can help improve the state of men’s health today.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that provides emotional, physical and financial well-being support to construction workers and their families. They offer access to advice on occupational health and mental wellbeing, emergency financial aid to families in crisis and support on legal, tax and debt management.

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The work that the Lighthouse Club do is vital to the prevention of escalating mental health issues within the construction and offers an invaluable support to construction workers. As their services are 100% reliant on donations, they require plenty of fundraising from the public. If this is a cause you would like to support, please do visit their website, and consider donating.

 Aside from seeking help from charities like Lighthouse, men need to be encouraged to take a more active role in their own health and wellness. Men are often reluctant to seek help, however, this is beginning to change as more and more men are recognizing the importance of taking care of themselves. There are numerous benefits to being proactive about one’s health, including improved energy levels, increased lifespan, and enhanced mental well-being.

In addition, taking steps to improve one’s health can also benefit those around them, such as family members and friends. There are many ways for men to take an active role in their own health and wellness. Some simple steps include eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and getting adequate sleep. However, the most important thing is to simply be aware of one’s health and to take action when necessary. By encouraging men to take care of their own health and wellness, we can help them live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

We seem to be heading in the right direction for improving men’s health and wellbeing, but we still have some way to go. Our Men’s Health Day event on the 13th of June is part of our ongoing efforts to tackle mental illness in the workplace. We’re looking forward to greeting lots of professionals who share our vision and interests, to get the conversation started.

If you haven’t signed up to join our FREE event, please do so here to make sure you and your business are part of this important movement. See you there!