North Northamptonshire Business of the Year Award: TUTS as a Nominee.


Is TUTS an exceptional business? 

We know it is—and the Northamptonshire Business Awards agree. That’s why they’ve selected us as FINALISTS for the North Northamptonshire Business of the Year Award. The Northamptonshire Business Awards honour businesses that have shown outstanding performances in the county. The specific award that TUTS is nominated for is sponsored by North Northamptonshire Council.

So, what does the award mean? 

The North Northamptonshire Business of the Year Award is granted to the business that has most greatly contributed to its local economy and demonstrated significant business growth. The criteria also states that the award will be given to the nominee that implements the best marketing and business strategy while showcasing business growth, community involvement, people development and exceptional customer service. 

Why has TUTS been nominated? 

TUTS’ consistent hard work has been recognised—

—and commended. Our team has been praised for our high levels of customer service and our impactful involvement with the local community in Corby. 

That’s something that we, here at TUTS, are trying to expand on moving forward. By supporting our local community and network, we are making great changes and education happen. Although we are nationwide, we first and foremost look after local businesses that need our help with training. Ultimately, our success comes from supporting others and reinvesting in the local community. 

North Northamptonshire Business of the Year Awards

So, what does this look like? 

We work on projects that focus on local funding and education. Our main goal is to make people aware of how exhilarating and opportunistic the construction industry really is. We attend several career fairs so that we can network and communicate with local businesses. We also seek to reach out to young people in education or anybody that’s interested in a career change. 

Moreover, the region where TUTS is based, Corby in North Northamptonshire, is brimming with opportunity. Corby is an excellent spot for all things construction and industry. Consequently, we are able to cater this from a training perspective. Overall, we want to make TUTS, and the wider North Northamptonshire area, known. Not only because we are an outstanding company, but because we love what we do, our community, and our service.  

What would it mean for us to win? 

Ultimately, it’s about recognition. 

Our team works incredibly hard to produce superb, consistent, and unrivalled support for our clients. Winning this award would help showcase this, as well as our great facilities and location. 

The award will reflect how we interact with our clients, too. The fast-paced construction industry can be difficult to navigate through, especially if the individual is young or new to the industry. Therefore, the award will display TUTS’ incredible customer service quality, and how we’re always more than willing to guide our clients down the correct and most suitable pathway. We want to support our local clients with their training or assessments, whilst they take on new recruits and win new projects. 

Overall, if TUTS were to be granted the North Northamptonshire Business of the Year Award for 2022, it would display us as the supportive, innovative, and influential business that we are. 

North Northamptonshire Business of the Year Awards

Want to Find out More? 

Are you interested in finding out more about TUTS’ nomination or what we have to offer you? Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members by clicking here. We will be more than happy to run through why we think TUTS deserves this award or any questions you might have about training, courses or grants and funding. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and quite clearly so do the Northamptonshire Business Awards!