Plant Operations


Maintain high standards of plant operations with accreditation that offers greater flexibility than CPCS – our testers cover over 100 different NPORS categories.

NPORS - National Plant Operators Registration Scheme

Established in 1992, the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme is now one of the UK’s leading Accreditation and Registration Bodies, working across the Construction, Industrial, Utilities, Warehousing and Distribution, Agricultural, Ports and Marine sectors.

Why choose NPORS?

NPORS offers flexibility that its CPCS alternative doesn’t, whilst maintaining standards both nationally and internationally by working closely with industry and Accredited Training Providers.

NPORS Categories we cover

Material Handling

N001 NPORS Industrial Counterbalance

N003 NPORS Reach Truck

N004 NPORS Lorry Mounted Lift Truck

N005 NPORS Order Picker

N006 NPORS Side Loader Forklift

N007 NPORS Narrow Aisle Lift Truck

N008 NPORS Pallet Stacker Truck

N009 NPORS Rough Terrain Masted Forklift

N010 NPORS Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler

N011 NPORS Industrial Telescopic Handler

We also cover:

N012 Container Handler
N013 Pivot Steer Lift Truck
N135 Multi-Directional Lift Truck

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N108 NPORS Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) – Boom Lift/Cherry Picker

N109 NPORS Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) – Scissor Lift

N111 NPORS Hoist

N119 NPORS Mobile Elevating Work Platform – Mast Climber

We also cover:

N706 Mobile Towers

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N101 NPORS Mobile Crane

N102 NPORS Tower Crane

N103 Crawler Crane

N104 NPORS Gantry Crane / Overhead Travelling Crane

N107 NPORS Lorry Loader (Hi-Ab)

N242 NPORS Crawler – Tractor/Side Boom

N114 NPORS Overhead Container Gantry Crane

N115 NPORS Remote Control Tower Crane

N402 NPORS Slinger Signaller

N401 NPORS Appointed Persons – Lifting Operations / Lift Planner

N405 NPORS Crane / Lift Supervisor

We also cover:

N105 Quay Crane
N100 Excavator as a Crane - Bolt-on only
N136 Boat Hoist
N138 Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads (Bolt-On)

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Earth Moving Machinery

Crawler Tractor Dozer

N201 NPORS Excavator 180 Degrees

N226 NPORS Excavator 360 Degree

N123 NPORS Excavator Mini (Below 5 Tonnes)

N203 NPORS Trencher

N204 NPORS Forward Tipping Dumper

N205 NPORS Rear Tipping Dump Truck

N209 NPORS A21 Wheeled Loading Shovel

N212 NPORS Skid Steer Loader

N240 NPORS Grader

We also cover:

N722 Materials Re-Handler
N206 Loader Compressor
N223 Scraper
N224 Landfill Compactor
N241 Pay Welder
N250 Compact Loader

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Miscellaneous Equipment

N201 NPORS Excavator 180 Degrees

We also cover:

N221 Piling Rig
N130 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
N721 Concrete Pump (Static)
N207 Crusher
N208 Screener
N106 Log Handler

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Street Works

N214 Road Roller
N216 Road Planer
N218 Asphalt Re-instatement
N220 Paver

N244 Chipper
N609 Winching & Recovery
N802 Gritter/Snowplough
X217 Road Sweeper

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Agricultural Tractor

N210 Tow Tractor
N219 Skip Lorry
N225 Multi-Lift & Drop Vehicle
N243 Shunt Vehicle

N120 Plant Loader & Securer
N607 4 x 4 Off-Road Vehicle
N608 All-Terrain Vehicle

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N502 Rail Drill
N503 Sleeper Drill
N504 Rail Handler (Iron Man)

N505 Impact Wrench
N506 Generator

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Health & Safety Courses:

N702 Confined Spaces - Low Risk
N702 Confined Spaces - Medium Risk
N702 Confined Spaces - High Risk
N403 Vehicle Marshall
N133 Plant Machinery Marshall
N132 Plant Mover
N404 Safe Working at Height

N703 Fire Warden
N704 Manual Handling
N711 Safe Use of Ladders
N723 Harness and Fall Arrest
N714 Safety at Street and Road Works
S001 Safety Awareness

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Small Equipment:

N301A Abrasive Wheels Awareness
N301B Abrasive Wheels with Practical Cutting/Grinding
N302 Bench Saw
N303 Circular Saw
N304 Cable Avoidance Tool
N602 Chain Saw

N603 Wood Chipper / Shredder
N604 Grass Cutters / Mowers
N605 Strimmer / Brushcutter
N606 Stump Grinder
N610 Hedge Trimmer
N710 Cartridge Tools

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What is NPORS?

NPORS is the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme. NPORS is the most widely recognised nationally accredited certification scheme for plant operators. NPORS is accepted on the majority of construction sites, as well as logistics, manufacturing, events, installations etc.

Is NPORS accepted on construction sites?

Yes, the majority of sites now accept NPORS. Please check with the PC on your site.

Can NPORS be done on my site or a test centre?

NPORS can be delivered at any site, subject to site requirements. TUTS Group deliver some NPORS categories at our flagship test centre in Northamptonshire.

Do you train on Saturdays?

TUTS GROUP is here to help. We are available to train & test on most Saturdays. Please note that some categories of training & testing have a small surcharge for delivery at weekends and out of normal trading hours.


What qualifies an Experienced Worker on NPORS?

Either holding an expired card for the specific category. A certification under another awarding body e.g. ITSSAR/IPAF etc. 2 years of demonstrable experience as a minimum, operating the specific plant.


Will I get a CSCS CARD with NPORS?

Yes, you must ensure that you take, or have taken the NOCN Health Safety and Environment Test within the last 2 Years.


Can I get a restricted card e.g. half pass?

Yes, if you only use your nominated Plant category for a specific task you can receive an NPORS card specific to that duty.


How long does a NPORS card last?

The NPORS HSE Test card is valid for 2 Years.

The NPORS Card with the NOCN CSCS embossed logo is valid for 2 years.



If I am a Supervisor, can I carry out the work of an operative?

No, the supervisor units and the operative units are different and specific to operative and supervisory duties.

Can I take the course in less than 5 days?

Although some providers may offer a reduced duration course. TUTS Group guarantee the highest quality of training and candidate support, therefore our NRSW course is the full 5-days.

I believe there’s been a change to the scheme (April 2020) – does this affect me?

Yes, if you have no knowledge or prior experience within the role, or are not familiar with the new specification, then we would strongly recommend that you attend the longer duration course.

Can you deliver the training on my site?

NRSW must be delivered at an approved training location, which has been certified by the awarding body. It is possible to organise this for your site but may take a long time to arrange and be cost-inefficient.

Do I need a valid CSCS card?

No you do not need a CSCS card to qualify NRSW units.

What units do you deliver?

Units 1-6 & 9 for Operatives and Units 1, 10-14 & 16 for Supervisors as standard. Units 7 & 15 are also available upon request.

Does NRSW qualify me to work on the Motorway?

No, NRSW is a qualification for working on public highways up to A-Road classification, dual carriageway with a cap at 60mph.

What is the renewal period/Grace period?

5 years from the point of expiry. Your card will expire after 5 years, you will then be able to renew your card (by attending the reassessment course) within 5 years.

Do I need to have experience?

In order to attend our 5-day course you should have at least 6 months of experience working on or around the public highway.

How long does it take for me to receive my card after the course?

We internally verify all paperwork within 72hrs of course completion and request your certificates & cards at this time. Most certificates and cards are received within 4-6 weeks (depending on any delays with the awarding body).

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Our team of friendly advisors are ready and waiting to help find the right course for you.