My NRSWA Card is About To Expire, How Do I Renew It?


Do you have an NRSWA card that is about to expire?

If so, don’t panic. You’re in the right place to renew and then you’ll be good to go for another 5 years.

If you work on the highway and hold an NRSWA card you will notice that it has an expiry date, which is usually valid for 5 years. You may have more than one unit on your card that could expire on different dates. 

NRSWA Operatives & Supervisors

If you hold the full operative or supervisor course, there are units on evacuation and reinstatement. This means that you will need to complete the full NRSWA reassessment course in order to renew your card.

You can choose to complete either a 1-day or 2-day course to renew your card. The 1-day course includes reassessments only, while the 2-day offers more in-depth refresher training for assessments.

The 2-day sessions are better value for money and will bring you up to speed with any new regulations. If you feel like you’re a little ‘rusty’, this course may be a better option as it will give you the confidence needed for assessments. However, if you often work in highway conditions, you may find that the 1-day course is enough.

Renewing Your Location & Avoidance of Underground Apparatus or Signing, Lighting & Guarding Unit

When delegates only hold an individual unit, the renewal process can be quick and easy. With this certificate, they need to complete a 1-day course – completing a two-day course for renewal would just be an unnecessary expense.

If you are renewing your Location & Avoidance of Underground Apparatus or Signing, Lighting & Guarding (SLG) Unit with us then you can take our 1-day reassessment course. We have these courses running at least once per month, so your renewal can be efficient.

Can I Use My Expired NRSWA Card?

If you can prove that you are about to take a reassessment course, there may be some sites where you can work using your expired card. However, most authorities will not let you work without a valid NRSWA card. Therefore, we recommend booking a reassessment course well in advance of your expiry date.

Let’s say you’ve accidentally let your card reach its expiry date and become invalid — don’t panic, these things happen.

You’ll still be able to attend a reassessment course after your card has expired. You can still take this up to 5 years after the expiry date. Beyond the 5 years, you’d have to retake the full NRSWA assessment course.

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Just a quick note about the old rules, so that you are not caught out. Before 2017, you only had a 6-month grace period before you would have to attend the full assessment course again. So, if you hear this on the grapevine, they may not be aware of this recent rule change. 

Book Your Reassessment Course

Booking a reassessment course is quick and easy. If you know the reassessment course you need, visit our course page to view dates and book your place. If you aren’t sure, please call our friendly team – we’ll find the right course for you!