The Simplest Way To Get Your Blue CPCS Card


The blue CPCS Competent Operator card is a type of card that many construction workers will need to carry out their job responsibilities onsite. Construction companies and construction project managers rely heavily on this certification when constructing buildings, residential areas, and more.

If you currently hold a red CPCS Trained Operator card and want to know how you can get your hands on a blue CPCS card? You’re in the right place!

What is a Blue CPCS Card?

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme is a qualification scheme that certifies whether or not an individual can operate certain types of machinery. CPCS acts as proof that individuals are qualified to work safely and effectively. NOCN (National Open College Network) oversees all aspects of the CPCS qualification scheme, including certification, training courses, card issuance

A blue CPCS card is issued to those who have proved competent and have gained sufficient expertise or qualifications. The CPCS Competent Operator card shows the categories that an operator has proven his skills on and also provides protection for employers.

Individual categories can be added to your card. This means you are able just to have one card to carry around with you, with one expiry date, listing all categories you hold.

How Do I Get My Blue CPCS Card?

To get your blue CPCS card, you’ll need to show you can work competently in the field you’re applying in. This would usually involve completing a Level 2 NVQ in that role.

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NVQs are a type of qualification that proves you can do your job to the required standard and you have the underpinning knowledge. This is completed by an assessor carrying out practical observations on-site, and by completing a professional discussion to prove your knowledge. A witness testimony is also taken from, normally, a site foreman who has witnessed your work and is happy that you are competent in carrying out the skills required to fulfil your job role to the required standard. The NVQ is an easy method of proving your skills and allowing you to be certificated accordingly.

To get a blue CPCS card, you will be required to complete an NVQ (normally a Level 2 qualification) in an area relating to the type of work for which you need the blue card. For example, if you will be excavating and require a CPCS Competent Operator card, you must complete a qualification for Level 2 NVQ in Plant Operations – Excavating.

To successfully apply for the blue card, you will also need to have completed the CITB HS&E test within the last 2 years. This is a multiple-choice test to ensure you have a thorough understanding of general health, safety and environmental practices on construction sites.

3 Simple Steps to Upgrade a Red CPCS Trained Operator Card to a Blue CPCS Competent Operator card

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Having held the CPCS Trained Operator card for a period of time, and now have the relevant experience, you can now apply to get your blue CPCS card. Here’s how:

Step One: If you have not already done so, complete your NVQ qualification to enable you to upgrade to your CPCS Competent Operator card with TUTS.

Step Two: Once the NVQ qualification has been completed and certificated, TUTS will apply to NOCN for the upgrade of your red card to your blue CPCS Competent Operator card.

Step Three: On receipt, your NVQ certificate and your CPCS Competent Operator card will be sent to you.

If you would like to know more information about blue CPCS cards or upgrading to your blue card, please contact our friendly team!

How Long is a Blue CPCS Card Valid For?

Blue CPCS cards are valid for 5 years from the date of issue. You have 2 ways to renew your blue CPCS card, depending on how long it’s been expired:

If your card has been expired for less than 5 years and you meet the following criteria, you are eligible for renewal. You’ve:

  • passed the CITB HS&E test within the past 2 years
  • completed CPCS renewal tests for all the categories on the card
  • demonstrated ongoing practical operating experience, evidenced via on-site assessments, a CPCS practical test, or a logbook.

If your card has been expired for over 5 years, you will need to have passed the CITB HS&E test (within the past 2 years). You’ll also need to retake the CPCS theory and practical tests, and hold the relevant NVQ.

CPCS Training Near Me

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Looking to get your blue CPCS card and complete a Level 2 NVQ in plant operations? We have various options available to suit your needs:

  • L2 NVQ Certificate in Plant Operations (Construction) – Compacting
  • L2 NVQ Certificate in Plant Operations (Construction) – Cranes
  • L2 NVQ Certificate in Plant Operations (Construction) – Excavating
  • L2 NVQ Certificate in Plant Operations (Construction) – Extracting
  • L2 NVQ Certificate in Plant Operations (Construction) – Forklift Trucks
  • & More

To see our full list of offerings, head to our Plant VQ CPCS Card page. Or simply call our friendly team on 0330 053 8283 and we will guide you through the next steps.